Content is still the king. Maybe more than ever? Content marketing just is #different than it used to be.

About our mission

We are a modern advertising agency focusing on the food and wine industry.

Let’s make your product attractive – and with this we mean attractive on the Internet. So that your product could be found on various search engines and that people would love to share and turn thumbs up for it on social media.

Would you like to see your brand awareness expanding and money flowing in? The Internet offers constantly developing tools for content marketing. You just need to know how to make use of these tools, and how to style your message. This is where we will help you.

Inspiring wine marketing

As we all very well know – wine and food belong together. So why not use that theme more often in wine marketing?

We believe this is the way to do inspiring wine marketing. Food recipe with wine pairing. It is actually a content marketing as it`s best. As an marketeer you would provide your customers a solution for the question they are trying to figure out every day – what to do for dinner?

It is simple as this:

  • Pick up the wine that needs a sales boost – even the best wines do sometimes!
  • Call us. We create the food recipe for the wine and inspiring photo.
  • We produce all the necessary web materials; such as banners and Facebook post for the content marketing campaign.
  • We will run the campaign (1-3 months) on our food and wine website Reseptitaivas.
  • Or if you want more, we can extend the campaign in City Digital, Nostemedia or Sanoma network.
  • After each month you will receive campaing report based on Google Analytics, Facebook and Adtech analytics.

Inspiring wine photography for advertising

There was a time when photographers had a million dollar studio with dozen`s of lights and glossy table for a standard wine photo. After the print machine howl the fancy bottle shined like a new BMW in the newspaper with smart copywrite. Spotless, classy and expensive. It was one way to do it.


See more our food and wine photography here

Here at e-Strand we believe that a good wine photography means that an image taken could be from anyones kitchen table. Something that brings water in your mouth. Something that makes you inspired.

When you combine these images with food suggestion or recipe it will be content marketing as its best. Rather than advertising something, you as a wine marketeer are solving viewers problem: what to do for dinner? This is far more engaging approach, particularly in social media than a photo of shiny wine bottle at sunset.

Here is few examples of wine photos as we see it should be done. If we share a same kind of perspective, please dont hesitate to contact us. Lets produce inspiring wine photos for your products as well.

The whole trajectory of marketing.


The best ideas arise from motivation. However empty your board, we will help you to draw the marketing plan for your product on it.


We are professionals of writing and photography, therefore we produce nearly all material by ourselves – flexibly and of high quality.


Marketing nowadays is full of abbreviations: PPC, GA, CTR… We choose the most effective marketing channels constantly monitoring the results. Take a look at our projects.

Our mission is to bring the food and wine marketing up to date in Finland and abroad.

Some of our projects

Native advertising

Social media contest

Online campaign for Pasqua

Online campaign for Pasqua Villa Borghetti Valpolicella Classico. The wine was combinet with TV-chef`s recipe and presented at famous food and wine site.

Social media scheme for restaurant

We made a scheme for restaurant with they are able to show their brand brighter in social Media. Scheme included few quite simple improvements inside the restaurant and with the decor. With improvements customers will get the restaurant brand into their Social Media images in natural way.

Social media consulting for wine estate

Social media scheme included ideas how Sula can serve their visitors better and how to turn those visitors into marketeers on social media more efficiently. This is done by offering a well thought subjects to take photos and guide visitors to use prefered hastags when posting the images all over the social media. This is a totally new way of thinking marketing and what social media could do in wine estates. The scheme was very well accepted in Sula`s vast organization.

Food Photography and Styling

The food photography project of a honey concern: over 150 food recipes were tested and photographed. The customer consulted us also on search engine optimization.

Production of a Food and Wine Media

How do we know all this? How do we know what really does the trick in food and wine marketing? Because we produce also our own food and wine Media: Reseptitaivas. Each week we reach tens of thousands visitors on website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Isn’t it a rather decent niche target group in a country size of Finland? Get to know the various possibilities of advertising.

To achieve this one must understand the ecosystem of the Internet at large and how the various different marketing channels operate. One has to be hungry for the new – and finally, the most important is the passion for food and wine. This is what keeps us motivated and innovative every single day.

With these we keep working each day


Writing on the Internet means writing both to visitors and search engines.


From food styling to photoshopping. Delicious food photography requires a vision and a thorough finishing touch.

Social media

Correctly done Facebook marketing is a very efficient and economical channel to reach right target groups.
Instagram; fabulous food photography and the #hashtag feast. The hype is only beginning – you still have time to join us!


Google’s keyword advertising can be surprisingly efficient – regardless its inexpensiveness.


No more can marketing be discussed without Google Analytics, Majestic Seo, etc.

Is your food and wine product struggling to make more sales?