Inspiring wine photography for advertising

There was a time when photographers had a million dollar studio with dozen`s of lights and glossy table for a standard wine photo. After the print machine howl the fancy bottle shined like a new BMW in the newspaper with smart copywrite. Spotless, classy and expensive. It was one way to do it.

Here at e-Strand we believe that a good wine photography means that an image taken could be from anyones kitchen table. Something that brings water in your mouth. Something that makes you inspired.

When you combine these images with food suggestion or recipe it will be content marketing as its best. Rather than advertising something, you as a wine marketeer are solving viewers problem: what to do for dinner? This is far more engaging approach, particularly in social media than a photo of shiny wine bottle at sunset.

Here is few examples of wine photos as we see it should be done. If we share a same kind of perspective, please don`t hesitate to contact us. Let`s produce inspiring wine photos for your products as well.

wine photography botani

wine photography luici bosca

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